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Municipal Public Security Composite Management Committee is standing deliberative organ which assists Municipal Party Committee and Government with public security composite management works, it uses a united office together with Municipal Politics and Law Committee. Its major functions are:
(1) According to routes, guidelines, policies of the Party and deployment of Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government, Politics and Law Committee of Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Public Security Composite Management Office, to unify thoughts and actions of departments of Politics And Law and composite management.
(2) To carry out overall deployment for works of politics and law and composite management in the municipality, and supervise implementation.
(3) To organize, coordinate, and guide works of maintaining stability of the society.
(4) To inspect conditions of implementing laws and regulations, as well as guidelines and policies of the Party by departments of politics and law, to research and set up detailed measures of executing law and carry out policies of the Party by combining realities.
(5) To support energetically and supervise strictly legal authorities carried out by units of politics and law, guide and coordinating units of politics and law to cooperate and supervise each other while restricting each other according to the law, supervising and promoting investigation and prosecution of major and key cases. Researching and coordinating disputed major and difficult cases.
(6) To organize and coordinate social security composite management works, promote implementation of various measures.
(7) To lead and organize check, investigation and disposal works for contradictions and disputes.
(8) To organize and promote investigation, research and propaganda works for frontline of politics, law and composite management, exploit reform of works of politics, law and composite management, summarize new experiences and handling new problems.
(9) To research measures of enhancing constructions of politics and law team and leading team, assist Municipal Party Committee and its organization units with investigating and managing leading cadres of Municipal Politics and Law Units; to assist Discipline Inspection and Investigation units with inspecting and disposing major and key cases related to leading cadres of politics and law.
(10) To guide works of inferior Politics and Law Committees and Composite Management Offices.
(11) To handle other issues assigned by Municipal Party Committee and Government, Provincial Politics and Law Committee and Provincial Composite Management Office.

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