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Huai’an Municipal Local Records Office


Huai’an Local Records Office is a reference management institution directly under the municipal government. Its main duties are:
(1). To organize, guide, supervise and inspect local records works in Huai’an;
(2). To work out plans and compile scheme of local records in Huai’an;
(3). To organize compilation of “Huai’an Local Records” and “Huai’an Yearbook”;
(4). To collect and preserve literature and files of local records, organize arrangement of old records, and promote theoretical research on local records;
(5). To organize development and utilization of resources of local records;
(6). To take charge of research and propaganda on local information;
(7). To take charge of and assume various assignments from the Provincial Local Records Office;
(8). To provide services of argumentation and consultation about historicity, feasibility and forward looking for decisions made by leaders and contents related to development of economy and society of Huai’an, and provide various services on local information for the whole society gradually. To undertake other matters assigned by Municipal Party Committee and Government.