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(1) To implement guidelines and policies on Taiwan affairs confirmed by the Party Central Committee, State Department, Provincial Party Committee and Government, and working deployment on Taiwan affairs of Municipal Party Committee and Government, to formulate and organize plans and layout of work on Taiwan in Huai'an.
(2) To organize, guide, manage and coordinate works on Taiwan from units of Municipal Party Committee and Government, Provincial institutions in Huai’an and counties (districts); to inspect and know regions’ and units’ implementation conditions of guidelines and policies towards Taiwan from Party Central Committee and State Department and provincial and municipal regulations towards Taiwan.
(3) To plan, coordinate and guide Huai’an economy and trade works towards Taiwan together with relative units. To research and propound strategy and plans on utilizing Taiwan capital in Huai’an, organize investment by Taiwan merchants. To attract investment, trade, do business and establish enterprises in Huai’an by Taiwan merchants; accepte complaints from Taiwan merchants, coordinate and handle dissension and contradiction of Taiwan enterprises.
(4) To organize and guide Taiwan relatives to carry out “Well-off project for Taiwan relatives” by sticking to well-off strategy of Municipal Party Committee and Government.
(5) To formulate, organize and implement communication and plans in various fields including economy, culture, learning, education, science, health and sports between Huai’an and Taiwan, to be responsible for project establishment and application, attend important communication activities, master and know various communication conditions and trends, and plan, coordinate and guide them.
(6) To be responsible for accepting and managing Taiwan Compatriots who come to Huai’an, and for educating Huai’an people who are to go to Taiwan and summarizing works after coming back, accept directly important Taiwan personnel and groups, handle problems generated in the process of communication between Huai’an and Taiwan personnel.
(7) To be responsible for propaganda works to Taiwan, organize, guide and coordinate propaganda works to Taiwan by related units of counties (districts). To manage Taiwan reports’ visit in Huai’an, to be responsible for Huai’an speech and news publish related to Taiwan. To be responsible for educations about policies towards Taiwan and situation related to Taiwan to cadres and masses.
(8) To contact higher level personnel of Taiwan, to guide, manage and coordinate contacting works with higher level of Taiwan by related units of counties (districts).
(9) To be responsible for comprehensive research on Taiwan conditions, works related to Taiwan, and relative policies towards Taiwan, propounding opinions, suggestions and measures towards Taiwan in proper time; to attend researching and auditing Huai’an regulations related to Taiwan, protect legal rights and interests of Taiwan compatriots and merchants according to laws.
(10) To attending handling important activities, incidents and emergent things related to Taiwan.
(11) To be responsible for auditing and reporting donations from Taiwan compatriots, supervise and inspect deployment and utilization of donations.
(12) To contact and guide works related to Taiwan of democratic parties, business association and masses groups, guide works of Taiwan relatives sodality.
(13) To handle other matters assigned by Municipal Party Committee and Government.

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