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Peasants and Workers Office of Municipal Party Committee (Municipal Leading Group Office of Poverty Relief Work) is a working institution of Municipal Party Committee. Its major functions are:
(1) To be responsible for daily works of Leading Group Office of Rural Works of Municipal Party Committee. To promote, implement and carry out various policies and guidelines of the Party in rural areas; to investigate and research important issues of works on municipal agriculture and rural areas; to participate in researching and compiling important regulations and measures on municipal agricultural and rural works; to be responsible for guidance for operation and management works of rural areas in counties (districts).
(2) To research and propound schemes or suggestions of deepening system reform for rural economy; inspect and guide organization and implementation of reform projects in rural areas and reform works of rural economy system; to coordinate with relative departments to guide reform of enterprises in towns.
(3) To research policies of rural industries, guide reasonable adjustment of rural economy structure; cooperate with relative departments in compiling development plans for municipal agriculture and rural economy.
(4) To be responsible for daily works of Leading Group Office of Municipal Agricultural Industrialization. To research and formulate policies and regulations on agricultural industrialization, and plans on construction and development of market system of agricultural and sideline products, and guide implementation; promote integration of “Before production, during production and after production”; to exploit organization forms, operation mechanism and management system of socialization services of agriculture, guide system construction of agricultural socialization services; promote transfer of rural labor forces and development of export-oriented agriculture.
(5) To Stabilize and perfect basic operation system and policies of rural countryside, guide management of contracted operation of rural lands and usage right circulation of rural collective lands; to guide financial management, contact management, accounting and auditing works of rural collective economic organizations.
(4) To be responsible for daily works of Leading Group Office of Municipal Peasant Burden Lightening.
(7) To be responsible for daily works of Assets Management Office of Rural Collectivity in Municipal Government.
(8) To assume daily works of Leading Group Office of Municipal Poverty Relief Works.
(9) To make investigation and research and giving suggestions on progress and important issues of construction of rural affluent well-off; grasp experimental unit works of agricultural modernization and promote process of agricultural modernization.
(10) To accomplish other assignments delivered by Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government and relative provincial departments.
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