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Huai’an Municipal Party Committee Office (Research Office)


Huai’an China
(1). To be responsible for implementation, supervision and inspection of works and deployment of the Municipal Party Committee, and delivery, supervision and implementation of orders and instructions from the Municipal Party Committee and leaders.
(2). To center on working deployment of Municipal Party Committee, collect information, reflect dynamic situation, carry out investigation and research and serve decision of Municipal Party Committee.
(3). To be responsible for drafting, auditing, amending, checking and printing works of various documents and manuscripts of Municipal Party Committee; to deliver and deploy working intention of Municipal Party Committee according to opinions of leaders of Municipal Party Committee; to be responsible for handling work of daily documents of Municipal Party Committee.
(4). To be responsible for recording, summary arrangement and archiving for work meetings of Secretary of Municipal Party Committee, Standing Committee and work meetings of Standing Committee Members, meeting affairs of various meeting of Municipal Party Committee, organizing and arrangement of important activities attended  by leaders of Municipal Party Committee.
(5). To assume various logistic guarantee works for Municipal Party Committee, to be responsible for coordination of important accepting assignments for Municipal Party Committee.
(6). To be responsible for contact works between Municipal Party Committee and Party Committees of superior and inferior levels.
(7). To be responsible for code communication, code management, information code guarantee and information construction of Party Committee system in Municipal Party and Government systems.
(8). To manage Municipal Archives Bureau (Establishment), Office of Municipal Party Committee Secrecy Committee (Municipal State Secrecy Bureau).
(9). To be responsible for municipal target management affairs on behalf of Municipal Party Committee and Government.
(10). To accomplish other works assigned by Municipal Party Committee.
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