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Huai’an Municipal Information Industry Bureau

1. To carry out related national and provincial principles, policies, regulations and laws on information industry; to drawn up regional policies and regulations as consigned and organize implementation. 

2. to organize the establishment of a long-term blueprint and annual plan of the city's information industry development, and to implement and monitor; to organize the profession statistics and the information issue jointly with related departments; to instruct and supervise the implementation situation of the district, city government departments on the information developing plan; to solve major issues in the information work;
3. To organize and harmonize the construction of information basis facilities; to promote information shares on social service website amongst industries and departments; to promote unity of the information of telecom, broadcast and computer.
4. to organize argumentation, supervision and check and acceptance of the major information projects of the city; to carry out the related national and provincial technical criterion and standards; to supervise and manage the quality of information products and net service together with other departments; to promote information technology innovation, to participate in major information technology projects and instruct the work on technique introduction and industrialization.
5. together with other departments, to gather and turn out capital assets investment annual plan on advancing information industry; to be in charge of the collocation of the information construction fund supported by the city finance; to instruct and participate in the utilization of overseas investment on information industry;
6. to organize and coordinate governmental information construction; to organize and instruct information resource exploration, information technique appliance and electronic commerce promotion;
7. to cultivate and promote information industry development together with other departments; to execute managing function on information product manufacturing industry, software industry, information service industry and communication industry;
8. to coordinate and instruct internet safety work; to organize supervision in internet safety technology, equipment and product; to organize computer virus keeping away work;
9. to be responsible for training and popularization of information techniques application; to instruct information personnel team construction; to organize information scientific research and technical cooperation and exchange with foreign countries; to deal with information industry community affairs.
10. be in charge of the business and administration of the information organizations
11. as authorized by provincial wireless institution, to take the responsibility to deal with daily affairs of its administrative district;
12. to deal with daily affairs of the information industry office;
13. to undertake any other business assigned by municipal government;

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