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Information of Huaiyin Normal College for International Students


I. Specialties for international students
Department of Chinese Language and Literature
Chinese Language, Chinese Culture and Literature, Broadcasting and Journalism
Department of Foreign Languages and Literature
English, Japanese, French
Department of History and Sociology
History, Tourism Management
Department Educational Science
Primary Education, Applied Psychology
Department of Economics and management
Economics, Marketing, International Trade Financial Management, E-Commerce,
Department of Fine Arts
Artistic Designing, Animation
Department of Mathematics
Mathematics, Information and Computing Science,
Department of Physics
Physics, Electronic Information Engineering, Electronic Information Science and Technology
Department of Electronic Engineering
Electric Engineering and Automatization, Electronic Information Engineering
Department of Chemistry
Applied Chemistry, Environmental Science
Department of Computer Science
Computer Science and Technology
II. Programs:
1. Summer Camp: intensive training in Chinese language
2. Cultural experience: visits to places of historic interests and getting more acquainted with Chinese culture and history.
3. Short term and long term Chinese language courses
4. Special training according to the requirements.
III. Application and Admission
1. Applicants can download the “Application Form for International Students” at here, fill in the forms and send them back to the Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges via mail or email. A copy of passport should be sent together with the form.
2. After verification, the office informs the applicants of their acceptance. For those students who need X-Visa, the office sends the applicants “ Admission Notice and China Visa Application Form (briefly called [ JW202 Form] ) after receiving the application fee of 200 RMB.
3. For the Short-term students for the course of Chinese Language or Chinese Culture and Literature, the office provides necessary materials for them to apply for F-Visa. Short-term students are welcome at any time of the year.
IV. Tuition ( RMB Yuan)
Tuition (RMB Yuan)
Start Time
13,000 / year
September, March
Ordinary trainee
11,000 / year
Short-term student
600/ per week
Any time
Individual class
18,000 / year
V. Accommodation
1. Two-bedroom Apartment: 900 RMB Yuan per month, two bedrooms with air conditioners, a living room with a telephone set and a TV set, kitchen with a refrigerator and necessary cooking utensils, washing machine, free Internet access, bathroom with a water-heater. free water; but the rent and the electricity bills can be shared by two students
2. Standard hotel room: 100 RMB perday, with a bathroom, equipped with shower, television, telephone, air-conditioner, and free Internet access. It can be shared by two students.
3. students’ dorm: 2400 RMB Yuan per semester, equipped with bookshelves, desks, an air conditioner and a telephone set, a washing room with a shower and a toilet room, free water. The room and the electricity expenses can be shared by 2 students.
4.  Health insurance: 600 RMB per year
Contact Information
Address: (East Campus) 71 Jiaotong Road, Huai'an, Jiangsu Province, P.R. China
Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, Huaiyin Normal University,
Tel: 0086-517-83517600 / -83517216
Fax: 0086-517-83511344