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Huaian College of Information Technology (HCIT) 


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  Approved by Jiangsu Provincial Government and documented by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, Huai’an College of Information Technology (HCIT) was firstly founded as Huaiyin Electronics School in 1978 and transformed into HCIT in 2001. Situated in Huai’an, a well-known historical city and also the hometown of Zhou Enlai, the founding premier of the People’s Republic of China, HCIT has become a state-owned full time college undertaking higher vocational education which received an “A+” for each index and was granted the title of “fine college” in the nationwide evaluation contest for vocational and technical colleges in 2005.
  As the college located in the higher education park of the city, HCIT covers a space of 180 acres of land, with a total floor space of 260,000 square meters, 380,000 books in the library and excellent teaching instruments valued at 50 millions yuan RMB.
  Now HCIT has eight teaching units as Departments of Electronics Engineering, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Electric Engineering, Foreign Languages, Information Management, Information and Communication Engineering and the Public Courses, with 19 disciplines consisting of 30 majors as well as more than 10,000 students and 500 professional teachers, over 100 ofwhich with the professional title of Research Fellow (Professor, Professor-level Senior Research Engineer) orAssociate Research Fellow (Associate Professor or Associate Professor-level Senior Research Engineer).
  HCIT strives to strengthen the practice of training with the construction of 102 off-campus training and practice centers and 7 main practice and training centers and 88 branch labs inside, such as the Training Centers for Electronic Products and Numerical Control Machining, among which the Training Center for Electrical and Electronics engineering has received financial support from the Central Government, the Training Center for Electronics Information Engineering has gained the support from the provincial government, while the Training Centers for Basic Electronic Information has become the model center of the basic experiments teaching among the colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province.
  With the establishment of the Huai’an National Appraisal Center for Information Technology, the National Appraisal Center for the Vocational Skills in Electronic Information Industry and the National Appraisal Center for Electronic Commerce , HCIT has become the National Training Center for Advanced Practical Workers nominated by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and other five ministries, and the National Training Center for Skilled Workers in Electronical Information Industry named by Ministry of Information Industry and Ministry of Labor and Social Security.
  With the tenet as “both of highest virtue and behavior”, forming the idea of “running the college by relying on the industry, fixing the majors on the market, designing the training program on the frontline post and practicing the skills on the training centers”, fostering the spirit of “hardworking, unceasing efforts, being united and forging ahead”, HCIT has been shaping its characteristic as “basing on locality, depending on industry, serving students and creating features”. The development and achievements of HCIT have been highly praised by the authorities. The college was awarded the titles of “Provincial Civilized Units”, “Provincial Advanced Institution of Vocational Education” and “Provincial Civilized Colleges”. In 2003, HCIT was awarded the prestigious title of “National Advanced Institution of Information Industry” by the Ministry of Personnel and the Ministry of Information Industry of the People’s Republic of China. Now HCIT has won the title of “Provincial Advanced Institution of Graduate Employment” for four times in succession.