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Jiangsu Food Science College


     Jiangsu Food Science College is the only independent higher professional educational institution in China specializing in the education of food science. It covers an area of 1,269 mou and has a building area of 275,000 square meters. 436 talents from different parts of China are now working for the college among whom 65 have a Master's or PhD degree, 76 have a title as professor or associate professor and 4 serve as national academic commissioners in food-related industries. Many technical experts and engineers carry out most of the key courses. The college has long been inviting teachers from USA, Japan and many other countries to teach here to facilitate teaching and learning of foreign languages. Since 2003, the college has recruited students from 14 provinces or regions throughout China and the college community comprises about 8,500 students now.
     The college now has 8 departments: Food Engineering Department, Bio-chemistry Department, Mecho-electrical Engineering Department, Tourism and Hospitality Department, Computer Appliance Department, Accounting Department, Economy and Trade Department and Foreign Languages Department. The college offers a wide range of majors with a distinguished feature in the food industry chain to meet the increasing market demands and to help local economic development. The current 43 majors offered by the above departments cover the main aspects of food industry and our graduates have received warm welcome on the job market.
     Furthermore, the college has built 65 labs, 5 training centers and Chinese Food Museum. The training center for food processing technology is jointly financed by the Ministry of Education and Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education and is a key project in the field. It cooperates closely with many famous firms in relevant areas such as King Luck Wine Group, Yuren Group, Suguo Supermarket and builds over 80 training bases outside the campus. The college is now authorized to undertake over 20 professional job skills authentication in food, mechanical, electrics, wine brewing, cooking, catering, computers etc. All these give a favorable environment to facilitate students' acquisition of relative certificates and improvement of skills for the purpose of employment after graduation and the employment rate has been kept above 98% in recent years. It also cooperates with many famous domestic universities in terms of further study.