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Huaiyin Teachers’College

   Huaiyin Teachers’ College is a province school of high education. In 1997, authorized by Ministry of Education, it was united by the original Huaiyin Normal Academy School and Huaiyin Education College. In 2000, authorized by Jiangsu Provincial Government, the original Huaiyin Normal School and Huai’an Normal School were united at the same time.
   The college has a 40-year history of higher education experience, with 42 majors for higher education undergraduate course and 42 majors for the adult undergraduate education or specialty education. In 2002, the college passed the undergraduate teaching assessment, and had a cooperation relationship with New England University and Paekche University of Arts, and appointed visiting scholars of each side. The college has the eastern, western, northern campuses at present, with advanced teaching and management facilities such as school network, satellite TV receiving system, voice launch pad, studio, multimedia classroom, sound room, listening room, electric reading room, and the basic labs for various majors. The college has won the titles such as Jiangsu Province Civil Unit, Jiangsu Province Civil School, and Jiangsu Province Garden School.


Address: No. 71st Jiaotong RD, Huai’an City, Jiangsu Province

Post code: 223001