Huai'an China Education Colleges and Universities
Huaiyin Normal University
Huaiyin Normal University is located in Huai'an, Jiangsu Province.
As a provincial institution of higher learning, Huaiyin Normal University is characterized by the cultivation of teachers for primary and secondary schools, with a history of over fifty years. There are nineteen departments and an affiliated college, with fifty-two majors covering law, literature, education, management, economics, science and engineering. The full-time undergraduates amount to over 18,000, the other kinds of students totaling 6,000. The campus occupies about 111.2 hectares, and the building area covers 510,000 square meters. The teaching apparatus is worth about 93,000,000 RMB, and there are some advanced teaching facilities, including, among others, provincial key labs, provincial laboratory teaching modeling centers for the basic courses of higher learning. The library has as building area of about 40,000 square meters, accommodating over 1,660,000 volumes of books in the print and around 840,000 electronic ones, 2,210 kinds of periodicals home and abroad.
There gather more than 930 full-time teachers, of whom 300 are professors or associate professors, over 600 with doctoral or master's degree, two enjoying the special governmental subsidy by the State Council, two titled Outstanding Experts ( Young and Middle-aged Section) of the Province, seventeen listed by the provincial Tiered Talent Development Project "3-3-3", twenty-seven pivotal young teachers included in the provincial "Qinglan Talents Project", and nine titled Leading Academic Figures of the Province (Young and Middle-aged Section). Over thirty teachers are appointed as doctoral or master student supervisors by many universities. Our university has also employed 191 teachers with senior titles from other institutions, as well as ten international teachers. In addition, our university has established cooperation with some overseas universities, such as the Kunkuk Univeristy in South Korea.
In the past five years, the university has assumed or participated in 220 national, provincial, or municipal projects, published over 200 academic monographs and around 5,300 academic papers, of which 1,800 are in the core periodicals, and 180 by SCI. The Journal of Huaiyin Normal University has ascended to the top 100 journals of social science in China.
The university has won many titles and prizes, such as Model of the Civilized Institutions of Jiangsu Province, Civilized Institution of Jiangsu Province, civilized Campus of Jiangsu Province, Garden-style Campus of Jiangsu Province, and Advanced Institution in National Undergraduates' Summer Vacation Social Practice.

Address: 111. West Changjiang Road, Huai'an, Jiangsu