Huai'an China Culture Museums
Huai’an Canal Museum
Huai’an Canal Museum, located in the historical and cultural landscape area of Huai’an Li Canal Cultural Corridor, is a group of special museums and public cultural leisure space with strong canal and local cultural color and characteristic of ecological gardens. It covers an area of 124,400 square meters, with the building area of 10,000 square meters. Huai’an Canal Museum is composed of Qiangjiangpu Memory Museum, Huai’an Traditional Opera Museum, Huai’an Hall of Fame, Huai’an Canal Couplet Museum, Temple of Chen Xuan and Pan Jixun, Temple of Wu Qinhui, Temple of Doulao (a goddess of Taoism) and former residences of celebrities.

Qiangjiangpu Memory Museum

Huai’an Traditional Opera Museum

Huai’an Hall of Fame

Huai’an Canal Couplet Museum

Open time: 8:40—11:00am, 14:10—17:00pm from Tuesday to Sunday
Ticket Price: free
Tel: 0517-83910115
Add: Zhongzhou Island, Qingjiangpu District, Huai’an