Huai'an China Culture Museums
Huai’an Museum

Huai’an Museum, built in 1959, is a local comprehensive museum for cultural relics collection, display and archaeological research.  It is located in No.146-1, West Jiankang Road, Huai’an. The cultural relics collected at Huai’an Museum fall under a wide range of variety, including chinaware, jade stone tools, bronze ware, coins, calligraphy and painting.

The exhibition is divided into seven parts, including the beginning of humanity, the Han Dynasty (206 BC -220 AD), the Northern and Southern Dynasties (420-589), water transport center, key pass of salt selling, important river related management and outstanding figures. Besides, there are five thematic exhibition halls, which are Xie Bingyan’s Calligraphy, Xie Tieli’s Movie Art, Calligraphy and Paintings Xu Bopu Donated, Calligraphy and Paintings Cao Zifang Donated and Audience Interaction.

Since the new museum of Huai’an Museum was completed and opened in 1997, Huai’an Museum has received more than 900,000 spectators.

Open time: 9:00—12:00am, 13:30—17:30pm (Not open on Monday and the morning of Tuesday)
Ticket Price: Free
Tel: 0517-83645659 0517-83645682
Add: No.146-1, West Jiankang Road, Huai’an